David Manuel

David Manuel

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First Name * David
Last Name * Manuel
Username * Fashmir
Country * USA
City Vancouver
Nationality American
Languages English



Website www.fashmir.blogspot.com


Hi, my name is David Manuel, Fashmir in many online communities. I love to create art both on and off the computer. I paint on canvas and panels using acrylic paint and Genesis heat-set oils depending on how much "wet time" I need for an image. On the computer I have been a Photoshop user for years. I love it for very precise work and alterations. I have also used Painter in its various iterations and have a great deal of respect for that program. My current favorite for painting and drawing on the computer is a little $25 (US) program called ArtRage. What a tool! It's simplicity belies its power to allow creative work to happen in a very natural way.

As for my art, I am in a few camps on that score. I like creating wildlife art and I have since I was a child. It was animals that inspired me most then and gave subject to my need to draw. I also love Sci-Fi and Fantasy imagery. I may post more of that soon. I am also a lover of whimsy and that's where my cartoon images fit in. I do hope you enjoy some of my work. I look forward to hearing feedback and critiques as well as (hopefully) a little praise now and then. I look forward to getting to know some of you.